A coalition of faculty, students, and plasma researchers who hail primarily from teaching colleges, primarily undergraduate, and liberal-arts institutions, and/or departments.

The notion of a small college in plasma science is not strictly defined, but rather an institution that would greatly benefit from the resources and community provided by the SCPC. Some features of small colleges could be:

1) Primarily-Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs) – Can be large by population, but teaching/undergrad focused

2) Liberal Arts College – Focus on well-rounded education, generally small department, no or very small grad program

3) Undergraduate-only major/department – A department at a graduate-granting university that doesn’t have a grad program

4) Departments with a solitary plasma faculty member

5) NOT an R1, but R2 could count

When in doubt, feel free to reach out to discuss.


There are a number of goals, and many more than can be developed:

1) To provide a community of peers (both for faculty and for students) for members of the plasma science community who do not have the benefit of being surrounded by large numbers of fellow researchers.

2) To provide resources (both informational and physical) to members of this community through the pooling of many contributors

3) To provide resources for students/post-docs in plasma who interested in embarking on a career in these kind of institutions.

Anyone interested in research and plasma education at the above institutions. One can join on behalf of an institution which will add the school to the list of member institutions (i.e. the faculty member at the small college).

Students at these schools as well as community members from non-small college institutions are welcomed and encouraged to join as an individual.

Registering as a member of the SCPC either as an individual or on behalf of a small college institution allows for access to online resources as well as to the Forum. It also adds you to the notification list for SCPC activities such as the annual meeting.

Please email Professor David Schaffner of Bryn Mawr College for more info about the SCPC and any other questions.

Email: dschaffner@brynmawr.edu